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INCENDIARIES is a Naarm/Melbourne-based hip-hop collective led by Morgan Heenan and Bryce Zelno (Odyssey Zelno). Their music fuses caustic political and social critique with dense production to create incendiary rap for the dystopia of the 21st century.

Formed in the cracks between Melbourne's 2021 lockdowns, INCENDIARIES emerged as an outlet for the paralyzing frustration and anger at the all-encompassing politics of destruction in Australia and around the world. The music aims to help empower those so continuously dis-empowered, and inspire resistance to such politics, to rebuild the world we live within.


The group features long-time collaborators Morgan Heenan and Bryce Zelno (Odyssey Zelno), along with varied collaborators from within the rich Australian music scene.

New Prophets Press Release

Death and the Economy: Melbourne Hip-Hop Collective INCENDIARIES Releases Debut Single New Prophets

Melbourne, Victoria: For release February 18

Melbourne hip-hop collective INCENDIARIES releases their debut single New Prophets, a nearly-six minute long track that rails against the relentless and brutal pursuit of money at all costs.


MC Morgan Heenan says of the track:


"The song speaks to the idea that money, any amount, is worth more than life. Or that it's somehow realer than life, and that we need to organize ourselves, our wellbeing, around whatever is most profitable; whatever best increases GDP or creates more money for shareholders."


Written over Melbourne's second year of lockdowns, the track was birthed out of a period in which that impulse was perhaps as clear as it's ever been:


"I think the pandemic has even further unmasked this death drive. Look at how huge corporations have been continuously pushing employees to work through absolutely dangerous conditions. But of course, it's nothing new; just look at the complete failure of governments to adequately respond to environmental crises just because it'll inhibit economic 'growth'."


The track features dense and unsettling production that mixes dark electronic sounds with processed live instrumentation. It is a track which scores the dystopia of the present, and the need to challenge its brutality.


"Basically, I think it's a death cult. That's why I connect it to Moloch, a primitive, brutal deity; because that's what the 'economy' has become. An economy should be a way of distributing resources, of improving wellbeing. But instead of the economy serving life, we've found ourselves in this profoundly twisted system where life serves the economy, at any cost."


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